Relationship between the natural environment and us
Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Earthquakes can regularly happen in some parts of the world and affect the lives of many others. They are very powerful forces of nature and can have devastating consequences. Earthquakes cannot be accurately predicted and they can strike any time. Each earthquake varies in magnitude and causes different degrees of damage. Large earthquakes can cause building to collapse, mudslides to occur and the loss of many lives. However, smaller earthquakes cause less damage and might not have such devastating consequences. Earthquakes impact man in that they cause huge damage to property and might even result in the loss of many lives.
Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that will continue to happen. When an earthquake hits an area, many lives will be in danger and there will be severe damage to property. Earthquakes are part of nature , they will continue to exist and bring about severe damage to everything around it. When earthquakes strike a certain area, it is inevitable that it will also bring about the loss of many human lives. Aside from that, people’s homes and belongings will also be destroyed. Earthquakes are natural disasters that can even devastate an entire city. Earthquakes have a huge and negative impact on human society, bringing only destruction and leaving no ray of hope behind for the victims. While many lose their lives in earthquakes, survivors have to try to rebuild their lives. For those survivors that have lost their relatives in an earthquake, they need to forget the past and carry on. This is definitely not easy to accomplish and some people might be unable to forget the trauma of it all.
This issue on earthquakes will definitely be of relevance in the future. Earthquakes are part of nature, and there is nothing that we can do to stop earthquakes from happening. We are unable to accurately predict where an earthquake will strike, but we can draw a rough gauge as to where and when earthquakes will happen. There is nothing that we can do except for evacuating the residents that live around that area. Nothing can be done to stop the earthquakes from happening. They are forces of nature that cannot be stopped .Thus, even in the future, earthquakes will still continue to remain a natural disaster that will continue to face the world. Similarly, it will continue to have adverse effects on mankind. Earthquakes can cause landslides, tsunamis, or even spark off fires. In an earthquake, it is inevitable that many lives will be lost and a lot of property destroyed. Man can only watch helplessly as nature continues to destroy them.


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