Relationship between the natural environment and us
Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello readers! This first post will be my take on the relationship between earthquakes and mankind!

I feel that there are close relationships between man and his environment. For instance, earthquakes are natural disasters that can have many adverse effects on man. However, the irony is that while nature can bring such devastating consequences to man, it can also warn mankind about the impending doom that lies ahead. For example, before the earthquake struck Tang Shan, nature had already showed some signs. Animals started acting in a peculiar fashion. This was nature’s way of conveying its warning to us.
Another simple relationship between nature and man is the air that we breathe. Plants give out oxygen, something that humans need to survive. We give out carbon dioxide, something that the plants need in order to carry out a process to produce oxygen for us. There is a cycle. This is the relationship between the environment and us. This is a good relationship.
Nature has a deep connection with mankind, be it good or bad. We should all respect nature, because it can destroy us all.
There is also a relationship between earthquakes and us. However, earthquakes have a huge and negative impact on mankind. They wipe out everything in their way and easily take away human life. Man has done many things to harm the environment, such as polluting the environment. In fact, many environmental issues, such as climate change and global warming, are created by mankind. We are mainly the ones that have created a large hole in the ozone and the ones that have caused sea levels to rise. It seems that we are not the only ones that can destroy other things, nature is also able to destroy mankind. In this case, earthquakes are able to cause destruction.
Whatever man does will indirectly affect the environment, and likewise, the environment can indirectly affect us as well. There are many ways that the environment can affect us. For example, natural disasters affect mankind. However, they affect us in a bad way.
All in all, there is a close relationship between the environment and us. The environment can affect us in both good and bad ways. However, in this case, earthquakes affect mankind in a very bad way.


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