Relationship between the natural environment and us
Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This is the second post on this blog! This time, I will be posting my overview. Please read and comment!

Earthquakes can regularly happen in some parts of the world and affect the lives of many others. They are very powerful forces of nature and can have devastating consequences. Earthquakes cannot be accurately predicted and they can strike any time. Each earthquake varies in magnitude and causes different degrees of damage. Large earthquakes can cause building to collapse, mudslides to occur and the loss of many lives. However, smaller earthquakes cause less damage and might not have such devastating consequences. Earthquakes impact man in that they cause huge damage to property and might even result in the loss of many lives.
Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that will continue to happen. When an earthquake hits an area, many lives will be in danger and there will be severe damage to property. Earthquakes are part of nature , they will continue to exist and bring about severe damage to everything around it. When earthquakes strike a certain area, it is inevitable that it will also bring about the loss of many human lives. Aside from that, people’s homes and belongings will also be destroyed. Earthquakes are natural disasters that can even devastate an entire city. Earthquakes have a huge and negative impact on human society, bringing only destruction and leaving no ray of hope behind for the victims. While many lose their lives in earthquakes, survivors have to try to rebuild their lives. For those survivors that have lost their relatives in an earthquake, they need to forget the past and carry on. This is definitely not easy to accomplish and some people might be unable to forget the trauma of it all.
This issue on earthquakes will definitely be of relevance in the future. Earthquakes are part of nature, and there is nothing that we can do to stop earthquakes from happening. We are unable to accurately predict where an earthquake will strike, but we can draw a rough gauge as to where and when earthquakes will happen. There is nothing that we can do except for evacuating the residents that live around that area. Nothing can be done to stop the earthquakes from happening. They are forces of nature that cannot be stopped .Thus, even in the future, earthquakes will still continue to remain a natural disaster that will continue to face the world. Similarly, it will continue to have adverse effects on mankind. Earthquakes can cause landslides, tsunamis, or even spark off fires. In an earthquake, it is inevitable that many lives will be lost and a lot of property destroyed. Man can only watch helplessly as nature continues to destroy them.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello readers! This first post will be my take on the relationship between earthquakes and mankind!

I feel that there are close relationships between man and his environment. For instance, earthquakes are natural disasters that can have many adverse effects on man. However, the irony is that while nature can bring such devastating consequences to man, it can also warn mankind about the impending doom that lies ahead. For example, before the earthquake struck Tang Shan, nature had already showed some signs. Animals started acting in a peculiar fashion. This was nature’s way of conveying its warning to us.
Another simple relationship between nature and man is the air that we breathe. Plants give out oxygen, something that humans need to survive. We give out carbon dioxide, something that the plants need in order to carry out a process to produce oxygen for us. There is a cycle. This is the relationship between the environment and us. This is a good relationship.
Nature has a deep connection with mankind, be it good or bad. We should all respect nature, because it can destroy us all.
There is also a relationship between earthquakes and us. However, earthquakes have a huge and negative impact on mankind. They wipe out everything in their way and easily take away human life. Man has done many things to harm the environment, such as polluting the environment. In fact, many environmental issues, such as climate change and global warming, are created by mankind. We are mainly the ones that have created a large hole in the ozone and the ones that have caused sea levels to rise. It seems that we are not the only ones that can destroy other things, nature is also able to destroy mankind. In this case, earthquakes are able to cause destruction.
Whatever man does will indirectly affect the environment, and likewise, the environment can indirectly affect us as well. There are many ways that the environment can affect us. For example, natural disasters affect mankind. However, they affect us in a bad way.
All in all, there is a close relationship between the environment and us. The environment can affect us in both good and bad ways. However, in this case, earthquakes affect mankind in a very bad way.

Hello everyone! This post will be my report on the relationship between earthquakes and man!


According to ,

Definition of relationship: a connection, association, or involvement
Definition of environment : surrounding things, conditions, or influences


 our non man made surroundings and conditions


a wondrous forest



Natural disasters!
Great and negative impacts on man!
Adverse effects on man! 

What earthquakes cause:

Buildings to collapse, landslides , tsunamis, fires
Many lives are also lost in the process. 

My thinking at first

I just thought that earthquakes are part of the natural environment that just results in damage of property and the loss of lives.

How my thinking has changed after this project
On the surface, earthquakes cause aftershocks, generate tsunamis, landslides and buildings to collapse. However what I have forgot to think about is how great the mental trauma can be to the victims. This is also one major relationship between earthquakes and mankind.

Examples of victims being trapped from earthquakes:

Tang Shan: Many victims were trapped under the rubble
San Francisco: A man was pinned down in the burning wreckage and when it began to burn at his feet , he begged to be killed. A policeman took down his name and address and shot him through the head.


We can see that earthquakes also affect people mentally. 
Being trapped all alone, not knowing if they can get out alive, the victims must have been deeply traumatized and will definitely be affected mentally.

Was it that my thinking was too simplistic and naive?
I only thought of earthquakes as natural disasters that cause a lot of destruction to mankind. However, I never really thought about HOW EXACTLY earthquakes really affect mankind.

While all earthquakes do have many devastating effects on man, each earthquake vary and each of them has different effects on man.

 For instance, the Chile and Lima earthquake generated a tsunami. The Chile earthquake also resulted in a landslide.

The Izmit earthquake caused many buildings to collapse.

 The Tang Shan earthquake caused buildings to collapse and roads to be damaged.

The San Francisco earthquake sparked off a deadly fire.


One particular earthquake brought about a festival! Yes, in the Lima earthquake, a tsunami generated by the earthquake destroyed a chapel. This chapel was built to honour Christ. However, the wall that contained the image of Christ was undamaged.

People would commemorate this event. There will be a procession and many people would wear purple clothes and join in this event.

The Lima earthquake brought a new tradition to the people of Peru.
I did not know that it can actually affect mankind in this fashion.
Through this project, I learnt that although earthquakes cause destruction and affect man both physically and mentally, it can also give rise to traditions and festivals.

The natural environment does have its good sides as well! (not forgetting its bad side)

City of Tangshan, North East China: 
When the earthquake struck: 

-Many people were sleeping. 
-Most people could not react in time and this resulted in many deaths
- Medical centres and roads were destroyed, thus the survivors could not receive help.
- Over 240,000 lives were lost.

Nature can also give warnings. Some such warnings before the Tangshan earthquake struck:
Water in wells in a village outside Tangshan rose and fell.
Other wells spouted gas and showed signs of cracking.
Chickens, mice and yellow weasels ran about.
In one household, a goldfish kept jumping about.

Thus, even though nature does have its bad side, it can also have positive impacts on mankind.

All in all, nature does have many effects on man, be it good or bad. However, in all cases, earthquakes do have a negative effect on man. They cause destruction, and there is nothing to stop this natural phenomenon from taking place.

The relationship between earthquakes and man is unhealthy.


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